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Bee Keeper Trap N Go

Bee Removal

Bee removal services that help protect the environment while removing the danger to Southeast Florida residents and Business owners

Bee Removal Trap N Go

Save The Bees 

Bees are a common pest in South Florida that can cause painful stings and pose a threat to public safety, particularly the Africanized bees that are known for their violent attacks on humans and animals.

Removing the threat that a hive presents is important, but it does not need to result in the destruction of these valuable insects. At Trap N Go, we believe that trapping and relocating the bees to our apairy is the best method. By relocating rather than exterminating bees, we can put nature back in balance while keeping your family safe. 

When you call Trap N Go for bee removal and relocation, our experienced beekeepers will be dispatched immediately to your home or business. We will assess the situation looking for entry points and identifying the scope of the infestation. We will then get to work carefully removing the entire beehive, queen and all. After we have removed the hive, we will repair any damage the bees may have caused sealing up future entry points to prevent future infestations. If you have a bee infestation, call us now for fast insect removal and exclusion services. 

Our work is 100% guaranteed and we work 24/7, year round!

Removing the Entire Beehive is Critically Important During a Bee Elimination

When removing bees from your property, it is critical that the entire hive is collected and removed from your property. Abandoned honey bee hives make perfect new homes for bee colonies and will quickly be discovered and repopulated leaving you right back in the same situation. 

Not only are bees attracted to old hives but ants, roaches, and rats are also attracted by the sweet scent of honey left behind and can lead to a whole new set of critters making a home in your property. For example, beehives are a perfect location for wax moths to lay hundreds of eggs where they will emerge and infest your home. Call the professionals today for fast removal and relocation of your bee problem. We will get it done the first time guaranteed! 

Beehive Image by Jay R
Bees moving around Beehive
Bee Hive Removal Trap N Go

Why Capture and Removal Makes Sense Over Bee Extermination

  • No dangerous chemicals are used

  • Higher success rate than spraying

  • Collecting the entire hive is critical 

  • Prevents reinfestation

  • Bees are critical to the environment

Bee Hive Image by Jez Timms

Does Trap N Go repair damage from a bee infestation? 

Yes. Our experienced tradesmen have been repairing damage from bee infestations for over 10 years. After we remove the beehive, we will get to work fixing damage to your property and sealing any entry points preventing more infestations. We will examine your entire property for problem areas and fix those as well. 
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