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Rodent Elimination Trap N Go

Rodent Elimination

We are Rodent removal experts, we specialize in roof and sewer rats issues, our modern high tech equipment ensures the correct 

approach to solving your unique issues. Guaranteed fastest results 

 Serving South Florida for over 10 Years Residential and Commercial  

Rat Removal Trap N Go Smoke Test

The main reason we don't use chemical sprays or poisons when removing is simple: our method works better. We first identify entry and exit points in our building. Using our infrared camera to locate where rats and mice are nesting. We then exclude escape routes and trap the rodents. Our rodent elimination process is safe, effective, fast, and humane. If you are experiencing an infestation of rodents or other unwanted critters, call us today for a free consultation.


About Rodents and Our Removal Process 

Rats, mice, and other rodents are common pests that are rabies vectors and carry other dangerous diseases. while poisons are commonly used to exterminate rodents, they rarely deliver a full and lasting solution to rodent infestation. Our wildlife control experts can quickly identify entryways, travel routes, and nesting areas to create a capture removal solution for your rodent infestation. We have been successfully  removing rodents and other wildlife for over 10 years and offer a 100% one year guarantee on our services.

Rodent Elimination Trap N Go
Rat Removal Trap N Go

Our system allows us to collect all animals in your home without poisons that are harmful to pets and people without leaving dead rats or mice behind. We seal off all entry points and ensure that your property is pest-free. We also make sure to clean-up, disinfect, and repair damage that rodents create. We want to make sure there are no droppings or rodents that are left behind and prevent them from returning. 

Our Rodent Removal Services Kicks Every Rodent Out of Your Property

Our Southeast Florida wildlife control services use proven methods and modern technology for rodent exclusion that is guaranteed to remove all rodents from your property and keep them out. We first locate all entry points to your property with the aid of  digital camera scoping and smoke testing any sewer pipes that may be the entry point for the rats and mice enter a building. We then look inside your walls with infrared imaging. After we learn how rodents are moving through your building, we seal up all entry points and trap the remaining rats. 

Rat Removal Trap N Go

Why Trap N Go Rodent Removal is the Best Option

  • Over 35 years expertise 

  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed

  • Daily maintenance and monitoring of traps

  • 1 Year minimum Guarantee on all Services

  • Emergency Service Nights, Weekends and Holidays

  • All Credit Cards Accepted


Rat Removal Trap N Go
Rodent Elimination
Does Trap N Go repair damages from rat and mice infestation? 

Yes. Our experienced tradesmen have been repairing damage from rodent infestation for over 10 years. During the rodent removal, we fix the damage the rats caused your property as well as seal entry points to prevent more infestations.

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