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Smoke Testing

Smoke Testing Finds Rodents Entry Points Origins of Sewer Gas Smells in Your Home and also Can Put an End to Your American Roach Issues. 


Why is it necessary to perform a smoke test? 

If your home is under attack from rats and you have called other pest services to locate the problem, they have probably suggested that you have your plumbing sewer and vent pipes smoke tested.

We are also recommending that as an informed home buyer you may want to have the smoke test done as part of the professional home inspection. Especially if your home is 45 years and older, as the lifespan of the cast iron sewer and vent pipes has reached its lifespan.

If you want to find out how rats and roaches are entering your home or business, pressurized pipe smoke testing may be the solution. We will end your rodent issues by locating deteriorated cast iron or PVC open plumbing sewer and drain pipes in walls, attics or under the foundation allowing rodents, roaches and sewer gas into your home. Our smoke testing services will quickly identify the problem, eliminate the pests, and repair any damage, preventing further pest invasions in the future.

When you hire Trap N Go for smoke testing your pipes for leaks, we will pressurize your building’s piping system and introduce a safe and non-toxic liquid smoke through your pipes. Once we have identified the location of the open pipe(s) we photo document the issue and get to work removing the pest infestation. After the removal of the pests, we will clean and disinfect infestation areas, leaving you with a secure and clean environment. Contact us today for a free consultation on smoke testing your pipes.

We will STOP your recurring Rat issues. Highly Qualified Professionals perform the smoke test from start to finish.

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Pipes Smoke Test by Trap N Go

Smoke Testing's Added Benefits

Having your home or condominium pipes smoke tested has additional benefits on top of identifying pest entry points. Pressurized smoke testing will identify small cracks in your pipes that may be leaking harmful gas into your home or office. These gasses not only cause odor but contain harmful chemicals, such as ammonia, methane and hydrogen sulfide, all of which are toxic when inhaled in high concentrations. People can die through asphyxiation when exposed to very high concentrations of sewer gas. More common effects include eye irritation, nausea, head and sinus headaches and can trigger asthma.

Catching a small leak early can literally be a life-saver. It’s a simple and cost-effective way to ensure your property is protected from many harmful vectors. 

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Why Smoke Testing is an Excellent Solution to Identify Pest Entry Ways

  • Cost-effective

  • Safe and non-toxic

  • Does not damage pipes

  • No odor or stains

  • Find the root cause once and for all

  • Can uncover sewer gas leaks

Smoke Test Image by SJ Objio
Where are common areas that pests enter through pipes?

 Sewer rats usually enter the attics from open sewer vents located on your roof and once enter through openings in your roof transitions and soffit.

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