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Rodent Removal

We are Rodent Specialists serving all of Southeast Florida Residents and Business Owners

Rodent Control: Southeast Florida | Trap N Go - rat_topRats, and other rodents are common pests that we all know are rabies vectors and carry other dangerous diseases. While poisons are commonly used to exterminate rodents on the outside of buildings, they rarely deliver a full and lasting solution for your rodent management. Our system of wildlife control is simple and through, our experts can quickly identify entryways, travel routes including plumbing sewer vent and drain pipes, knowing with confidence that a swift resolution to your home's rodent issues is assured.

We have been successfully removing rodents and other wildlife for over 10 years and offer a 100% one year guarantee on our services.

The main reason we don’t use chemical sprays or poisons when removing rodents is simple: our method works better. We first identify entry and exit points in your home with our years of experience using old-fashioned skills that have been passed down for generations. We then seal escape routes and trap the rodents. Our rodent elimination process is safe, effective, fast, and humane. If you are experiencing or suspect any issues with rodents, call us today for a free consultation.

You will know that you made the right choice.

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Our Rodent Trapping and Removal Service Gives You Peace of Mind Being Rodent Free with Our 1 Year Guarantee

Our Southeast Florida wildlife control services use proven methods and modern technology for rodent exclusion that is guaranteed to remove all rodents from your property and keep them out. We first locate entryways to your property, including digital camera scoping and smoke testing any sewer and vent pipes that are a common way rats and mice enter a building. We then look inside your walls with an infrared imaging camera. After we learn how rodents are moving through your building, we permanently seal up all entry points and trap the remaining rats.

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Our system allows us to collect all animals in your home without poisons that are harmful to pets and people and without leaving dead rats or mice behind. We double check off all of the entry points and ensure that your property is pest-free. We also make sure to clean-up, disinfect, and repair damage that the rodents create. We want to make sure there are no droppings or rodent damage.

Contact us today for a free inspection. We operate 24/7 year-round and can be at your property within 24 hours.

Call Today: (561) 324-8041

Why Trap N Go Rodent Removal is the Best Overall Option

  • Years of hands-on experience in all different scenarios
  • Our professionalism saves you money, time, and potential unneeded aggravation
  • We daily remove all trapped rodents
  • No risk services. we don't collect final payment until the project is 100% completed
  • We accept all major credit cards
  • We repair all rodent damage from A to Z
Does Trap N Go repair damage from rat and mice infestation?
Yes. Our experienced tradesmen have been repairing damage from rodent infestations for over 10 years. After the rodent removal, we will digitally document the damage the rats caused your property as well as provide you with remedial recommendations as to the additional extent to repair, clean and disinfect/ sanitize the contaminated areas.
Are your rodent removal experts licensed and insured?
Yes. Our rat and mice removal and exclusion service is fully licensed and insured. We have the training, certification, and experience to safely handle any rodent infestation issue.
Guaranteed Animal Removal When You Need Us Most

-  Lucie K.'s Rating
On the weekend night, we have heard some noises coming from our attic. We were lucky to be able to find Mark with Trap N Go, who came Sunday morning. Upon inspecting the attic, he determined that it was a possum. He left a trap on our roof, which eventually caught the possum and Mark picked it up the next morning. Over next several days, we still heard noises and Mark had to come back to trap babies that were hidden. Mark was very patient with the whole situation, came every time we called him, on time, was very professional. He is definitely my to go person for any future attic visitors. - Lucie K.
- Joanne D.'s Rating
After weeks of unsuccessfully trying to trap what was in my ceiling with another company, Mark immediately detected the entry point which was under the barrel tile of my roof. I’m thankful his skill and experience solved the mystery and nightmare. He sealed the area, allowing a few days until the roof is repaired, the root of the issue. Mark is reasonably priced, timely and professional. I definitely recommend this company, especially if you are at your wits end. - Joanne D.