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Humane Raccoon Removal and Relocation

Raccoon Removal and Relocation: Florida | Trap N Go - racoon-hop

Raccoon Removal Services That Humanely Remove Dangerous Animals for Southeast Florida Residents and Business Owners

When you call Trap N Go for raccoon removal and relocation, our experienced wildlife control technicians will be dispatched to your home or business. We will assess the situation, looking for entry points and identifying the scope of the infestation. Raccoons often cause significant damage to attics and air conditioning duct work, so we do a complete inspection of your roof’s components to identify problem areas. We then set traps and wait for the raccoon to take the bait. After we have removed the animal, we check to see if the raccoon is a nursing mother meaning that our job is now focused on locating the pups/kits in the attic to reunite them with the mother. We immediately photo document if the animal has caused any damage and provide a solution for the proper remediation efforts needed. Since raccoons wash their food and even use your pool as their bathroom, we also install raccoon invisible fencing to keep the critters out of your pool and off of your property.

Our wildlife control experts work 24/7 year-round and our animal exclusion services are 100% guaranteed.

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Raccoon Removal and Relocation: Florida | Trap N Go - raccoonf

Removing Raccoons is Just the First Step

Removing raccoons may solve your immediate wildlife problem, but if you don't take steps to prevent further animal invasions, these intelligent and highly skilled climbers will be back in your attic in no time. After our raccoon control professionals capture the raccoon and her pups, we work with you to remove the problem areas around your property i.e. trees allowing access to your roof, etc.

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Unsecured dumpsters and trash cans are an irresistible destination for critters of all kinds, and once a raccoon knows there is an easy meal on your property, they will soon make it their home as well. With over ten years of trapping raccoons, our animal removal experts know all of these furry pests tricks. We will help you protect your home or business from raccoons and other animals humanely without poisons or chemicals that can harm your pets or children. We also provide maintenance programs for larger communities where the raccoon population is a recurring problem.

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Removal and Relocation of Raccoons Makes Sense Over Extermination

  • They are intelligent creatures
  • They are beneficial to the environment keeping rats and mice populations at bay
  • Trapping and exclusion helps the environmentally sensitive outdoors to remain balanced
  • Keeps your home or business safe from unnecessary damage caused by raccoons
Does Trap N Go repair damage from a raccoon infestation?
Yes. Our experienced tradesmen have been repairing damage from raccoon infestations for over 10 years. After we remove the mom and her babies, we will get to work fixing damage to your property and sealing any entry points. We will photo document your entire attic for contamination of the insulation and A/C duct damaged areas and fix those as well. We also remove feces and provide decontamination of the areas affected. Raccoon feces are known to contain hantavirus and must be removed.
Are your raccoon removal experts licensed and insured?
Yes. Our raccoon removal, relocation, and exclusion company is fully licensed and insured. We have the training, certification, and experience to safely handle any raccoon or other pest infestation issue.
I’ve trapped a raccoon. Will you remove it?
Yes. We charge a discounted fee for removing and relocating a raccoon that you have trapped yourself. We will even return your trap free of charge and seal the entry areas in your roof and soffit, we also do maintenance trapping for large communities, golf courses etc.
Guaranteed Animal Removal When You Need Us Most

-  Lucie K.'s Rating
On the weekend night, we have heard some noises coming from our attic. We were lucky to be able to find Mark with Trap N Go, who came Sunday morning. Upon inspecting the attic, he determined that it was a possum. He left a trap on our roof, which eventually caught the possum and Mark picked it up the next morning. Over next several days, we still heard noises and Mark had to come back to trap babies that were hidden. Mark was very patient with the whole situation, came every time we called him, on time, was very professional. He is definitely my to go person for any future attic visitors. - Lucie K.
- Joanne D.'s Rating
After weeks of unsuccessfully trying to trap what was in my ceiling with another company, Mark immediately detected the entry point which was under the barrel tile of my roof. I’m thankful his skill and experience solved the mystery and nightmare. He sealed the area, allowing a few days until the roof is repaired, the root of the issue. Mark is reasonably priced, timely and professional. I definitely recommend this company, especially if you are at your wits end. - Joanne D.