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Thank You for Considering Trap N Go LLC

We understand that the decision to call a professional trapper or a pest control company comes down to a few things that you should consider. We are providing a shortlist of the minimal requirements that you as the consumer should expect when considering any trapping firm.

Are they fully insured for liability if something goes wrong? You should ask, does the company specialize in animals or insects.

Also, does the company have years of experience in trapping the target animal? Ask if the traps that they use are maintained daily, as daily monitoring and maintenance are critical for the success of the work.

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Commercial and Residential

We specialize in solutions to all of your nuisance animal removal issues from residential to multi-family homes or townhomes, condominiums, and historical homes, commercial industries such as warehouses, strip malls, restaurants, and industrial such as food distribution centers, golf courses, and municipalities. No job is too large or small, we do it all.

From Rats, Raccoons, Iguanas, Armadillo, Squirrels, Opossums, Ducks/ Geese, Woodpeckers, Bats, Bees, Cane Toads/ Frogs, Foxes, Snakes, Coyotes, Feral Hogs we handle them all.

Fast Resolutions. We offer our 1 Year Guarantee on all of our materials and workmanship.

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Guaranteed Animal Removal When You Need Us Most

-  Lucie K.'s Rating
On the weekend night, we have heard some noises coming from our attic. We were lucky to be able to find Mark with Trap N Go, who came Sunday morning. Upon inspecting the attic, he determined that it was a possum. He left a trap on our roof, which eventually caught the possum and Mark picked it up the next morning. Over next several days, we still heard noises and Mark had to come back to trap babies that were hidden. Mark was very patient with the whole situation, came every time we called him, on time, was very professional. He is definitely my to go person for any future attic visitors. - Lucie K.
- Joanne D.'s Rating
After weeks of unsuccessfully trying to trap what was in my ceiling with another company, Mark immediately detected the entry point which was under the barrel tile of my roof. I’m thankful his skill and experience solved the mystery and nightmare. He sealed the area, allowing a few days until the roof is repaired, the root of the issue. Mark is reasonably priced, timely and professional. I definitely recommend this company, especially if you are at your wits end. - Joanne D.